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Vienna Waits for Me

Billy Joel's song, Vienna, has been a favorite of mine for years. Vienna has been my favorite name for a girl forever. And now, I can finally say Vienna is one of my favorite cities I've visited! This Austrian city exceeded my expectations - but getting there was the hard part.

I took an afternoon train from Munich to Vienna which took roughly 5 hours. I missed my first train by a literal SECOND. The door actually closed in my face. It was super stressful but I was able to sprint to another train while hauling my 50lb suitcase along. I have never been so sweaty but I made it onto that train with seriously a SECOND to spare. The door shut right behind me. I was so frustrated I sat on the dirty stairs of the train because I didn't feel like looking for a seat in the other cars. The main reason I was bummed is because my original train was direct, while the one I got onto had a stop in the middle. I was looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the view while listening to Billy Joel for the next 4 hours, but this time I had to be totally aware of all stops to make sure I made the transfer. Public transport isn't my favorite, but being in a totally different language makes it even harder! English translations are not a thing here. Even Vienna is written as Wien everywhere so that threw me off.

I honestly knew nothing about Vienna and slacked on doing research on what to do upon arrival. Luckily, my Airbnb host was awesome and sent out a self-made youtube video with instructions on how to get to the apartment via public transport, a list/map of all the must-do sites, his local recommendations on where to eat, and general advice on the city since he would not be there. This helped turn my mood from frustrated to excited again, and made me feel better arriving in the new city with somewhat of an agenda.

I arrived in Vienna around 9pm, just in time for sunset. I found the apartment just fine with the help of my host's video, but with my luck, it was located on the 3rd/top floor of the building. No elevator. Very steep spiral stairs. I was already gross and sweaty from my train fiascos, so what more is a little 3-story climb with my 50 lb suitcase? I FINALLY MADE IT!

Just as Billy Joel sings, "Vienna waits for you". And he could not have been more right. I feel like the song was written about me even though I was born decades after the fact :P It really did wait for me to arrive after a chaotic journey and showed me the best weekend!

Another post to come with all of the cool things I got to do with my 3 days in Vienna :)

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