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Oktoberfest Dos and Don'ts

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

I was lucky enough to attend Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany in 2016 with my job. It was one of the best and most fun times of my life! However, there were some downfalls. Read about my week-long experience at the festival, along with some dos and don'ts for your trip.


1. Dress up

You'll stand out if you don't! Part of the fun is wearing the dirndl and lederhosen with everyone else, and admiring the different designs on everyone (I never saw someone wearing my same outfit). If you don't purchase it online, there are several shops around Munich that sell them - think of it like finding a Halloween costume in October.

2. Bring cash

You'll need it to pay for your beer/food. It's also considerate to tip your servers - they're carrying 10 STEINS of beer at a time. They deserve it.

3. Dance on the tables

When else it is acceptable to stand on tabletops with thousands of people, drinking beer, and singing the Prost song? It's fun so live it up!

4. EAT!

If you do Oktoberfest right, a lot of beer will be consumed. Yes, you are going to be so full you feel like your dress is doing to rip open, but still manage to eat. They serve food at the festival - I recommend a large soft pretzel (literally bigger than your head) or the chicken.

You can never have too many giant pretzels in Germany

5. Drink radlers

A stein is a lot of beer. If you want to always have a drink in your hand but don't want to get absolutely wasted, sip on rattlers instead. These are half beer/half lemonade and are super tasty and half as strong! You'll be happy you did so you're not waking up hungover and phone-less.


1. Spend a fortune on your outfit

Unless you live in Munich or know you'll Oktoberfest regularly, I suggest going the less-expensive route when purchasing your outfit. The full attire can add up quick, so be smart when shopping. I spent around $400 on my full attire (dress, apron, blouse, flower crown, push-up bra) but now wish I chose a simpler outfit as it is just hanging in my closet. You can get them around $100 at some stores or even online. Save your money!

2. Lose your phone (like me)

Make sure you have a purse or something to keep on you at all times so you don't lose your things. You'll probably hold your phone a lot to take pictures/videos of the event, but try your best to put it back into your purse and zip it up so it doesn't get left on a table!

(In case you do lose your phone, stop by the Oktoberfest and City lost and founds in the next day or 2. They get A LOT of lost items.)

3. Stand too close to super drunk people

Sadly, I did get thrown up on (gross). We were standing on the table benches and a man fell forward, spilling beer on me from both his stein and his mouth. On the bright side, it was just liquid barf so it could have been worse. But still, keep your distance. (yes - that is the man)

All-in-all, Oktoberfest is BLAST and a must-do if you get the chance. I know I'll be back for another Oktoberfest and will take my own advice the next time around :P



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