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Afternoon Tea in London

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

My 6-week trip through Europe in 2016 began in no other than London, England. The very first thing we booked for London were out tickets to Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton because we fancy. Continue reading to hear about the experience, drool over the photos, and plan a day for yourself.

The Ritz London offers different packages for dining and tea. We chose the Traditional Afternoon Tea, costing 54 euros each ($60 USD). It's expensive, but I can honestly say it was worth it. After all, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so go big or go home right?!

*Book your Afternoon Tea reservation here

Before you go:

Be sure to plan your outfit ahead of time to fit the dress code. The website states that men are required to wear a jacket and tie trainers or sportswear (workout clothes) are not permitted. It does not say anything specific for women, but it’s pretty much common sense – dress classy not trashy. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to dress up which is always fun! We turned this into an excuse to go shopping in London ;) We found a great selection of affordable dresses to wear at Debenhams, London’s equivalent to Macy’s.

The Experience

When you get to The Palm Court, you will feel fancier than ever. Everything from the floors to the ceilings is absolutely gorgeous and elegant. When you get to your table, it will be set with teacups and saucers, sugar cubes, silverware, and champagne glasses. The setup is so perfect already and the experience hasn’t even begun!

What’s Included:

This Afternoon Tea doesn’t cost a fortune for nothing. A lot is included in the price you pay, not just a cup of English tea. When you first arrive, you will be offered a glass of champagne immediately. Champagne before tea? If you insist!

Along with your glass of bubbles, your server will bring over 3 plates full of food. The bottom plate is filled with an assortment of finger sandwiches including smoked salmon, egg salad, cucumber, and turkey. They are both delicious and filling – the 2 of us couldn’t finish all of them if we wanted to (and we tried). The 2nd plate includes 4 freshly baked scones with butter & jam. Finally, the 3rd plate will be filled with a variety of tasty pastries.

Now that you have your champagne and finger foods, it’s time to order your tea. You will be given a menu with 18 different loose leaf tea options to choose from. They all sound amazing, which makes it hard to make up your mind! The waiter then comes by with a fancy teapot to pour it right in front of you.

Pinkies up!

The next hour is spent enjoying your tea & scones and loving life. When your champagne glasses are empty, the finger sandwiches are almost gone, and the desserts have been demolished, you will feel so full that you’ll swear you can never eat again. Wrong…

This is the part of the experience where someone comes around with a dessert cart and asks you what kind of cake you would like to finish off your afternoon tea. When I went, they had either chocolate or rhubarb cake – we got one of each. Even though we felt like our dresses were going to rip from being so full, we ate every last bites of our cake. Worth it.

As you can tell from these pictures, this experience exceeded our expectations. It was everything I could have hoped for and more, and I finally got to fulfill my dreams of having fancy tea and scones in London. We left the Ritz will full bellies and happy hearts. If you get the chance to go to London, I would highly recommend spending the extra money to get the full Ritz experience – you won’t be disappointed!

*Be sure to check out the women’s bathroom downstairs, it’s absolutely adorable and chic!

Have you been to Afternoon Tea in London? Comment below where you went!



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