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2 Months in Oz

I've made it 2 months living in the land down under! It feels like it's been much longer because of all the stuff I've done so far, but it's also flying by like crazy. Over the last 2 months, I've made many observations.

What I've Noticed:

1. No tipping

2. LOTS of Bats fly around at night

3. The cafe culture is huge (and coffee orders are simple/no syrups or flavors)

4. Everyone says "no worries" instead of "you're welcome" or "that's ok" etc.

5. More tropical than I envisioned (in Manly at least)

6. I've come across more Americans and British people than Australians :(

7. Discovered halloumi cheese and it's the best thing EVER

8. Giant lizards and penguins are natives in summer

9. The thunder/lightening storms in summer are CRAZY. So loud it shakes your house.

10. It's rare to have a dryer; everyone hang dries all their laundry

11. Everyone is out at the crack of dawn to exercise. Very active lifestyle.

12. There are water bottle fill stations all around

13. Stores/cafes close really early

14. Seeing Starbucks is rare. I've only seen 2 in Sydney

15. Sydney is actually really huge but public transport is amazing

16. Food is so expensive. Avocado toast is normally around $20

17. Lots of Asian restaurants everywhere as it's so close to Australia

18. Some foods I'm used to in the US are hard to find or less common

Things I Miss:

1. GT brand Kombucha! (Kombucha is huge here and everywhere. But I miss my fav brand).

2. Hulu

3. Sunsets on the water

4. ICE water

5. Trader Joes

6. Good Target

7. Iced coffee


1. Simplicity of coffee

2. Watching surfers

3. Walking everywhere

4. Snorkeling


1. Price of food

2. Rainy summer


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