UK + Ireland

England // Scotland // Ireland

San Luis Obispo

There's a reason Oprah named it "The Happiest City in America"

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San Diego

Beaches, hikes, and the best Mexican food!

Lake Tahoe

My favorite place in the world 

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Beaches > Temples > Elephants > City


Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Budapest, Prague, Austria


My home away from home 

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The land down unda

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New York

Concrete jungle during Christmastime  

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New Zealand

The Remarkables and majestic outdoors

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About Me

I'm Brigitte. I literally majored in Tourism and am just trying to do my degree proud. I'm an expert tourist, passionate traveler, aspiring photographer, and hungry for new adventures. Follow along on my travels to hear my stories, see my photos, and gain some advice.


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