• Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

  • Quokka selfie on Rottnest Island

  • Go wine tasting in Hunter Valley

  • Drive on the Great Ocean Road

  • 12 Apostles

  • Brighton Beach Melbourne

  • Hamilton Island

  • Whitsundays

  • Fraser Island

  • Feed a kangaroo

  • Hold a koala bear

  • Hike in the Blue Mountains

  • Visit a pink lake

  • Byron Bay Lighthouse Sunrise

  • Wine taste in Adelaide 

  • Explore Tasmania 

  • Kangaroo Island

  • Walk across Sydney Harbor Bridge

  • Go to Ayres Rock/Outback

  • Learn to surf

  • Royal National Park - figure 8 pools

  • Go to Darwin

  • Helicopter ride over Sydney Harbor

  • Pet a Dingo



North Island

  • Rotorua - geothermal sites

  • Hobbiton

  • Wine tasting


South Island

  • Milford Sound

  • Roadtrip in the South Island

  • Hike in Mt. Cook

  • Lake Tekapo

  • See the southern lights

  • Bungee jump

  • Nevis Swing

  • Hike to Roy's Peak

  • Go lugging in Queenstown

  • Wanakak Tree

  • Wine tasting Queenstown

  • Onsen Hot Pools


  • Grand Canyon/Horseshoe Bend

  • Antelope Canyon

  • Hike in Yosemite (Half Dome)

  • Zion National Park

  • Arches National Park

  • Skii in Aspen

  • Morning Glory Pool @ Yellowstone

  • Go to Nashville

  • Visit FRIENDS set at Universal Studios

  • See SNL or Jimmy Fallon live in NYC

  • Go to Harry Potter World

  • See Mount Rushmore

  • Vermont in the fall

  • Eat seafood in Maine

  • Las Vegas pool party

  • Tamolitch Falls, Oregon




  • Go to Munich Oktoberfest

  • Ride a bobsled in the Alps

  • Vacation in Santorini, Greece

  • See the Matterhorn in Switzerland

  • Top of the Eiffel Tower

  • Wine taste in Tuscany

  • Drink Guinness in Ireland

  • Take a cooking class (Spain/Italy)

  • Swim in Iceland's Blue Lagoon

  • See Northern Lights from the ground

  • Explore Vienna

  • Go to Croatia

  • Visit Lake Como

  • Do a bike tour

  • Denmark

  • Thermal baths in Budapest

  • Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain​


  • Ride/bathe an elephant

  • Visit temples

  • Go to a Full Moon Party 

  • Drink out of a coconut on the beach

  • Rooftop in Bangkok

  • Go to a floating market



  • Eat sushi / take a sushi making class

  • Smell a Japanese Cherry Blossom

  • Go to Disneyland Tokyo

  • Go-Kart in the city



  • Walk along the Great Wall of China

  • Gardens by the Bay in Singapore 

  • Taj Mahal in India

  • Rice fields in Bali

  • Go on giant swing in Bali

  • Visit the Phillippines

  • Hike Machu Pichu

  • Go to the Rio statue

  • Pet a llama in Peru

  • Drink Colombian coffee

  • Visit Patagonia

  • Great salt flats in Bolivia

  • Go wine tasting in Argentina

  • Swing at the end of the World at Casa de Arbol - Baños, Ecuador


  • Go on a wild African safari

  • Visit the pyramids in Egypt

  • Ride a camel in the desert

  • Hike in Cape Cod

  • Shark cage dive

  • Go to Madagascar

  • Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro

  • See a Lion King sunrise 

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I'm Brigitte. I literally majored in Tourism and am just trying to do my degree proud. I'm an expert tourist, passionate traveler, aspiring photographer, and hungry for new adventures. Follow along on my travels to hear my stories, see my photos, and gain some advice.


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